Direct Mail MAX

An Omni-Channel Marketing Solution for Your Business

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Direct Mail Marketing Maximized with Digital

Bridge the gap between direct mail and digital with Direct Mail MAX.

MAX is a seamlessly integrated solution that maximizes your marketing impact by creating multiple “touches” with your target market. Watch the video to see how!

Integrate Direct Mail with Digital Advertising for
Better Marketing Results!

Instead of just mailing postcards, MAX consists of Direct Mail, Mail Tracking, Online Follow-up Ads, and Call Tracking.  Direct Mail MAX helps you increase your ROI by reaching your target audience on multiple channels simultaneously. That means more marketing impressions, or “touches”. 



mail tracking

Mail Tracking

Informed Delivery

USPS Informed Delivery®

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

google ads, google display network, google

Online Follow-Up Ads

Social Tracking

Social Media Follow-Up Ads

In addition, our LeadMatch solution will capture leads who visited your website from your mailing.



Match your direct mail list with social media users

With SocialMatch, we take your direct mailing list and match the names with their Facebook and Instagram accounts. We then deliver the same message from your mailing to your target audience via their social media feeds BEFORE they receive your mailing. The 14-day program begins on the mailing date.

Did you know that 80% of sales are made between the 8th & 12th contact? With SocialMatch, you can make contact with your prospects multiple times, leading to faster conversion!


Mail Tracking

Know when your mail is delivered

We will track your mail delivery on an individual level with Mail Tracking.

Using a barcode technology system, we track the mail delivery process of your direct mail campaign. In short, you will know exactly when your mail pieces will arrive so you can plan ahead.

We provide you with tracking on your mail delivery all the way down to the per piece level.


Informed Mail Delivery

Notify prospects of your delivery – and lead them to your website

Individuals on your mailing lists who have signed up for Informed Delivery through the USPS will receive a full color, clickable image of your mailing piece via an email preview. This clickable image will link subscribers to your website or landing page, so you will also be able to track where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened geographically.

When someone clicks to your website, Google ads and social media follow-up that mimic the style of your mail piece will be triggered!


Call Tracking

Track and record phone calls from your direct mail campaign

With phone call tracking, you can track the effectiveness of your campaign without concern for error. We will give you a free local or toll-free number for each direct mail campaign. Calls to that number will be forwarded to a number of your choice, and the calls will be tracked and recorded. As a result, you’ll get access to full demographic data on each caller. This tool can really help improve the quality of your customer service, making the customer journey even better. 


Online Follow-Up Ads

Retarget and engage lost prospects with Google Display Ads

After your direct mail campaign is sent, it is tracked with our mail tracking system. If a customer or prospect leaves your website without taking action, they will be retargeted with ads on the Google Display Ads Network.

Ads matching your campaign’s design will follow your website visitors around the internet, directing them back to the website.


Social Media Follow-Up

Increase visibility and convert prospects with social media ads

Increase your conversion rate by pairing your direct mail campaign with Facebook and Instagram ads on the social media platforms.

Ads matching your campaign’s design will be fed into your leads’ news feeds, providing another opportunity for conversions during your campaign.

Users will see your ads on their Facebook or Instagram Newsfeeds, making it more likely for them to view and interact with your ad, leading them back to your website.



Know who is visiting your website

With LeadMatch, you can identity who came to your website and what actions they took. It starts with a small amount of code placed on your website. After that, you can obtain downloads of individuals who visit your website, and then follow-up with them. You can even determine people who anonymously came to your website and contact them by mail.

Did you know … 96% of website visitors leave a website without taking action, often to check out a direct competitor. Follow up with them with LeadMatch. Don’t let a lead get away!

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Harness the power of targeted direct mail with digital … all for a few extra pennies per piece. 

Elizabeth, Business Development Specialist

Elizabeth Moretto

Direct Mail MAX Specialist

Great for Small Business Owners

Recent MAX Client Results

Clem and his staff have helped us change direction with Direct Mail MAX and our new website. They developed a direct mail campaign that has increased our business with our loyal customers as well and bringing in new ones.

We really can't express how happy we are with South City Print. They are just great to work with and we look forward to the next project with them.

David Drew

Owner / Operator NASCAIR HVAC

For over 19,000 pieces mailed:

  • Over 260,000 digital ads displayed to Google, Facebook & Instagram users (aka impressions)
  • Over 700 total clicks/engagements
  • More than 690 unique website visitors have been identified for follow-up contact … and counting!

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