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How To Use Promotional Products To Enhance Virtual Events

Mosaic Pediatric Therapy Gift Box

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, companies and organizations have pivoted to conducting business and hosting events virtually. Many people love this change. More flexibility, less sitting in traffic to and from work or obligations, and more time at home with loved ones. However, there have been some downsides to the big move to online communication. Most strikingly is the lack of nuance and delight that comes from live events. However, there are ways to make your virtual events feel more fun and connected.

Why host a virtual event?

Virtual events are great for fundraisers, company events, conferences, team building, and much more.

They are especially great because they are:

  • Less expensive
  • Save time
  • Easy to collect feedback from attendees
  • Easy to measure results

By breaking down barriers that can get in the way of event attendance – transportation, familial responsibilities, etc. – virtual events make it much easier for registrants to attend.

But, in exchange for convenience is a lack of human connection that cannot be replaced. Taking photos with fellow attendees, having a side-chat with a colleague, clinking your drinks together to cheers a quota reached or a fundraising goal exceeded. These little nuances add a level of fun and connectivity that simply cannot be recreated virtually. 

That’s where creativity in the form of promotional gifts comes in. There are many ways we can enhance virtual events and meetings to be more interactive, fun and engaging. Keep reading to see how our client, Mosaic Pediatric Therapy, used promotional products to enhance the experience of a recent virtual event.

Mosaic Pediatric Therapy for the 32nd NC ABA (Virtual) Event

One of our clients, Mosaic Pediatric Therapy, is North Carolina’s Biggest Provider of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Services.

This year, Mosaic was a Gold Sponsor of the 32nd NC ABA Conference, which was virtual this year due to COVID. The major purpose of the conference was to discuss a bill to improve access to care for families seeking treatment for autism. The 32nd conference was held on February 27, 2021 and included a pre-conference workshop, invited addresses, a student symposium, and the annual business meeting.

This was the message on the NC ABA Conference page addressing the switch to a virtual conference:

“Moving to a virtual conference for 2021 was a difficult but necessary decision and we are grateful that we will still have the chance to connect and learn together. Our best efforts are being made to ensure the day is packed with amazing speakers, a wide range of topics and a little bit of fun! Register by February 12th to receive a complimentary snack box shipped to you for conference day!

According to Alyssa Hadzima, Business Operations Manager for Mosaic, the live event usually has a cocktail hour in which people dance and “have a blast.” Since the live event had to move to virtual, Mosaic wanted to send goodie boxes to all registrants to get them excited for the event. And that’s what we helped them accomplish!

The Goodie Box 

Given that the cocktail hour would be missing from this year’s conference, Mosaic wanted to send Moscow Mules to all the attendees so that they could have a “taste” of the usual festivities from home. Included in the Goodie Box was a Ginger Beer, a pint glass, and a note of greeting. Put it all together and you get a Moscow Mule cocktail. (The registrants had to supply their own alcohol, of course).

The note included a very heartfelt and encouraging message from the Mosaic team. As you can see from the photos, each component of the gift box has the Mosaic branding on it. This makes for better brand congruence AND gives an appealing look and feel to the gift.

The Process 

Mosaic tasked us with helping them bring their vision to life. We first ordered the ginger beers and pub glasses. Then, we created stickers to go on the ginger beer and the gift box. We then individually packaged them each with bubble wrap. Finally, we sent the packages to a show coordinator, which sent them to all 250 registrants. We worked with Mosaic every step of the way to ensure we got them exactly what they had envisioned. 

The Impact

Alyssa Hadzima shared that people were delighted to receive these goodie boxes prior to the conference. Registrants were able to get a fun teaser to the event. The goodie boxes reminded them to attend, extended a feeling of welcome and care, AND it gave some great awareness for Mosaic. Registrants of the conference were able to enjoy a drink during the event, adding a sense of connection and fun to the virtual conference.

How Gifts and Promo Products Enhance Virtual Events

  • Adds fun and personality!
  • Clever way to promote your virtual event
  • Incorporate an activity for attendees to interact with during the event, or a gift to excite attendees about an upcoming event. This can influence more attendance at your virtual event.
  • People are missing live events. Adding a component that is reminiscent of an in-person conference can make your virtual event feel more interactive – and impactful. 
  • More memorable! Sure, you can sent a few email blasts. But, I guarantee you your registrants will more get amped up for a conference if they receive a free snack or high-quality mug in the mail. People love to feel special. And, promo products are a very affordable way to do that.

Planning a Virtual Event? Drive Attendance with Promo Gifts!

Cocktail Kit – Moscow Mule
Snack Pack Cooler
Tapered Pub Glass

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