The Power of Promo

With the ability to fast-forward, swipe or keep scrolling, it is easier than ever for customers to bypass advertising. Branded promotional products, on the other hand, have serious staying power. With customized and tangible merchandise, you can cultivate long-lasting brand awareness. Consumers keep promo items for an average of 8 months … and the more useful or appealing an item is, the longer it stays. 

Stand out from your competitors and engage with your target audience, your way. Choose from thousands of promo products today!

Monthly retention of branded promo products

Find the perfect promotional items for business branding, saying thanks, or spreading the word with thousands of products on our promo website


Baseball Hats

41% in USA

Percentage of consumers that own a logoed or branded baseball cap or hat.

Tote Bags

4500+ Impresions

Branded Tote Bags generate more impressions than any other promo item in the market.

Coffee Mugs

1400 Impressions

Drinkware generates this over a lifetime and 78% of consumers own branded drinkware

Qi Chargers

Qi Chargers

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