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Why Informed Delivery Will Enhance Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Want to turn your direct mailing into a multichannel marketing campaign at no extra cost?

With Informed Delivery, all you have to do is send your mail, and the United States Postal Service will do the rest!

That’s right! Informed Delivery is a free service from the USPS, and any business can benefit from it. 

How Does Informed Delivery work? 

The USPS scans images of the mail during regular mail processing. People who have signed up for Informed Delivery will then receive a daily email, previewing what mail they can look forward to seeing in their mailbox that day! 

Not only does Informed Delivery create excitement by “teasing” mail recipients with images of the mail they’ll receive, but it also allows them to respond to offers immediately via their smartphone.

  1. Recipients can view the image & take action

By placing offers on the front of the postcard or the outside of the envelope of your mailing, your offers will be visible within the recipient’s email. Your prospects or customers can then respond to your mailing and the Call to Action that is on your mail piece, such as by making a phone call or going to your website.

  1.  Recipients can click a promotional link you provide

To make your direct mail campaign more interactive, you can add full-color ads or a link to a landing page. The ads will appear underneath the image of your mail piece. These images can be colorful banners, for example. If it catches your recipients eye, they can click through to your link right from within the email!

You can make the Call to Action in the email something like “Donate Now!” or “Don’t miss out on this FREE, limited time offer!”


Benefits of Informed Delivery For Your Business

Informed Delivery can help marketers and mailers increase the reach of their campaigns by combining digital and physical “touches”. 

Informed Delivery allows businesses to:

  • Market to an engaged consumer base that receives higher-than-average email open rates. In fact, the average open rate of Informed Delivery is 65%!
  • Generate multiple impressions from a single mail piece. More impressions/touches means more leads!
  • With the option to include a clickable link and electronic offer, your mail recipients are more likely to take advantage of your offers and Calls to Action.
  • Potentially increase return on investment (ROI) for your campaign. 

Plus, over 30 million people are signed up for Informed Delivery (and counting). Safe to say it’s popular!

By simultaneously sharing your mailing piece digitally and physically, you are creating 2 more “touches” with your contacts before their mail even arrives. This is important because it takes 8-12 touches on average to convert a prospect to a customer. This leads to more opportunity for your message to be seen, and for conversion to your website or landing page of choice! 

Another great thing about Informed Delivery is that you can send a specific mail piece design in bulk to all your recipients, but create different links depending on the geographic areas. 

We’re here to help!

To qualify for the more enhanced Informed Delivery service, mail pieces must have a valid intelligent mail barcode. For most business owners or marketers, working with an established printer will make this process easier and more effective.

Reach out to us today on our website or call 704-529-0555 and we’ll help you use Informed Delivery to your advantage!

But wait, there’s more…

Use Direct Mail MAX by South City Print for even more touches!

When someone clicks on the link to your website that you send in the Informed Delivery message, they will then carry a cookie on their Google browser and on their Facebook & Instagram profiles.

This means MAX’s Online Follow-Up and Social Media Follow-Up features will immediately start working for this user. Even if they initially exit the website without taking action, they’ll be seeing ads attracting them back to it – all over Facebook, Instagram and the Google Network. Even more opportunities for touches!

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